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European Au Pair Agreement

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Moreover, after the adoption of the principle of an agreement, a compromise had to be found between two trends that were visible at the beginning of the preparatory work of the agreement, namely: Article 6, which consists of two paragraphs, defines the form and other aspects of the written agreement between them, which must therefore form the basis of any au pair placement. This paragraph contains a general definition of “au pair placement” within the meaning of this agreement. The fourth recital underlines the international and European nature of the au pairing problem. – finally, it would have been preferable to insert at first a clause providing that the “au pair” is insured against the three risks mentioned above, and then indicate how this insurance should be guaranteed and, finally, add an annex to the agreement setting the common minimum benefit to which he would be entitled. This article outlines in four paragraphs the main obligations that any family receiving an “au pair” must meet with respect to that person. The commitments are, among other things, all au pairs who go to Belgium should sign one of the official Belgian contracts at par with their host families. Please download the form by region in which your host family lives: – that the purpose of the Article 6 agreement should be to “determine the rights and obligations of the au pair and the host family” in accordance with the agreement; It is important that the person “au pair” and the family receive are clear about the rights and duties that flow from the agreement they make. That is why a written commitment is essential. This paragraph is based on the fact that the contracting parties must organize the control of the agreements by providing a copy of the above written agreement. paragraph 1 “to be submitted to the competent authority or the organisation chosen by that authority”; The phrase “taking into account the provisions of international conventions or European Communities regulations” has been inserted to ensure that the clause does not violate the aforementioned agreements or regulations, i.e.

that implementation would not affect the scope of these acts, which should therefore be given priority. In defining the person`s pedagogical activities as an “au pair,” the word “improvement” has been used to show that there can be no question of having a professional activity or evening training. The fact that the persons concerned have the opportunity to carry out cultural activities and studies excludes the possibility of clandestine work. In addition to the contract, au pairs outside the EU need a letter of invitation from their host families. In Spain, the Directorate General of the Police issues the letter of invitation. As a result, host families must apply for the form from their local police department. After receipt, they must send the letter with the contract to their future au pair so that boys or girls can present the documents to the Spanish Embassy and apply for their visa. It should be noted that, in terms of its application to persons, the agreement is not limited to nationals of contracting states; the provisions of the agreement apply to any person who places the “au pair” in the territory of a contracting state without discrimination as to the nationality of that person.

Article 6 1. The rights and obligations of the “AuPair” person and the beneficiary family, as defined in this agreement, are the subject of a written agreement to be reached between the parties concerned in the form of a single document or exchange of letters, preferably before the person leaving “AuPair” the country in which that person was domiciled, no later than the first week of mediation.

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