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This intergovernmental agreement aims to strengthen Australia`s biosecurity system by strengthening national cooperation between Australian governments. The agreement came into force on January 3, 2019, when the Commonwealth and South Australia became the first signatories. b) to do everything in its power to reach agreement with these agencies on the proposed decision. 1.1 Each participant in the introduction to the NDIS has a plan developed by the participant and with the participant and approved by the Agency`s CEO. Among other things, a participation plan defines the support parties that will be funded for the participant. 1.3 In South Australia, the introduction of NDIS is initially limited to people of certain age groups: see the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Becoming a Participant) Rules 2013. For the first year of the NDIS (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014), only those under the age of 6 can participate. For the second year, the NDIS will be available to people under the age of 14 and, from the third year, to people under the age of 15. The Northern Australia Indigenous Development Agreement (the agreement) is an intergovernmental agreement to promote indigenous economic development as an important part of the Northern Development Agenda.

The Agreement recognizes that Aboriginal participation in the economy is essential to fully achieving the development of Northern Australia and provides a framework for cooperation and an individual framework for cooperation between governments to promote aboriginal economic development in northern Australia. For its launch in July 2013, bilateral information on the inclusion of participants and the balance of cash and in-kind contributions to the program was agreed between the Commonwealth and New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. These details are annexes to bilateral agreements with each of these jurisdictions. Another annex has been agreed with Victoria, which outlines the labour relations of the DisabilityCare Australia Launch Transition Agency in the Barwon area. In July 2014, it was agreed to launch NDIS trials in Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Intergovernmental agreements facilitating payments to states and national agreements under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations are available on the federal financial relations council`s website. An agreement between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories establishing a national jurisdiction and a maritime safety regulator for all merchant vessels in Australian waters. An agreement on the establishment of a national system of regulation and investigation of rail safety, including a single regulation and a single national regulatory authority for rail safety, complemented by a national rail safety monitor. The NDIS will respect the interests of persons with disabilities in the exercise of elections and the control of matters affecting them. An agreement between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories (NSW, WA, Tas, ACT and NT) persons under the age of 3 as of July 1, 2013 and benefiting from disability services provided or funded by the Commonwealth or South Australia.

For more information on other intergovernmental agreements, see below. On 7 December 2012, COAG reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to a national disability insurance system (NDIS) by signing an intergovernmental agreement for the launch of the NDIS. New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory have signed bilateral agreements with the Commonwealth that confirm operational and financial details for the deployment of the NDIS at each launch point.

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