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Outcome Agreement Technical Guidance

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To complement the CFS guidelines for the 2017-20 Outcome Agreements, Advance HE has prepared briefings for each sector to help institutions meet these improved equality requirements. How to enshrine equality in outcome agreements: the toolkit for colleges 2017-20 equality remains an essential condition of outcome agreements and the SFC has further improved its approach to equality by stressing that this should be demonstrated as a “cross-cutting theme” in the agreements. The CFS requires higher education institutions to demonstrate their compliance with equality obligations in their 2017 agreements – 20 results through: all higher education institutions, universities and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) have a legal duty to incorporate equality into all their public sector work under the Equality Act 2010. Implementing the results published by institutions on gender equality by April 2017 is an important tool to enable CFS institutions and SFC to demonstrate that they are fulfilling missions in addition to CFS strategic objectives and ensuring that equality is coordinated and integrated into core plans and activities. View downloadable files To view Adobe PDF files, you need Adobe Reader. Download them for free on Adobe`s website. . Future Information SFC Company Publication Calendar and Statistical Publication Calendar. Other formats All of our publications can be made available to visually impaired people in large print or Braille and can be made available in a variety of languages (see also Gaelic). Both services are free and can be provided by the communication team, Tel: 0131 313 6500 or Pare-Mail: Process and framework for the development and negotiation of collegial outcome agreements 2020-21 to 2022-23. . .

These include taking equality requirements into account in key strategies and developments: archived information for announcements, outcome agreements, consultations, news, reports and publications, Council documents or committee documents published before 2016 are intended for the archived content of the SFC. . . . Ensure compliance with legal equality requirements and take into account the gender balance of boards. . In addition, the CFS sets specific priorities for gender equality for each sector. In addition, the identification of areas where other groups of protected characteristics are under-represented and the demonstration of measures taken to address them is highlighted as a comprehensive requirement within the framework of priorities for successful institutions. Evidence of an inclusive approach based on equitable and accessible opportunities for all and removing barriers to access and success for people from protected characteristic groups.


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