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Settlement Agreement Solicitors Liverpool

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First, we will ask you to explain what happened, which led to the offer of the agreement. In this way, we will be able to assess whether we believe the amount offered is reasonable. Secondly, we have a duty to go through the text of the agreement with you to ensure that you fully understand the consequences of signing the agreement. The transaction agreement must be written and all relevant terms that you and your employer have agreed. By law, your employer must allow you to obtain independent legal advice on the transaction it offers you. This is normally the case where your employer agrees to pay the cost of your consultation as part of a transaction contract. We usually deal with several comparative agreements per week and are therefore familiar with the usual pitfalls. If you are a worker who needs independent legal advice for a transaction contract, then it should cost them absolutely nothing to get it, since normally it is your employer who pays the costs for you. In other words, the employer will generally agree to pay the court costs up to a certain amount, which is usually enough to cover our costs. In fact, we do not guarantee you more than your employer has agreed to pay.

As a result, we guarantee that you will not have to pay personally. At Levins, we have helped many employees make deals. We will prepare an appointment to see one of the lawyers on our working team. You will read your agreement, give some first advice and, if necessary, call your employer to check the confusing conditions. As soon as you are happy to understand all the billing conditions, Levins will send you a letter with written notice on the terms of your contract. You will sign the contract and Levins will send it to your employer to sign it. You will also send your bill directly to the employer – so you don`t even have to pay and get the money back from your employer, everything is processed by Levins. No no. A transaction agreement is only valid when it has been signed by you and your employer, and your lawyer has provided a certificate that has given you independent legal advice. If you receive the transaction contract from your employer, you should immediately take it to an independent lawyer of your choice and explain all the conditions.

Levins lawyers have extensive experience in this type of advice, as we have provided independent legal advice to many workers in transaction agreements. The terms of the agreement are negotiated between the employer and the worker, but for the agreement to be legally binding, the worker must have received independent advice on the terms and effects of the transaction contract offered. We can help you navigate this situation, accompany you to meetings and negotiate on your behalf to make sure you have everything you need to continue your professional life. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the best offer for your living conditions. We are specialist lawyers for transaction agreements with offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Wilmslow, Cheshire and throughout the country. We help employers and workers solve their labour law issues, including through a transaction contract in which we have a great deal of expertise and experience. We are members of the Employment Lawyers Association and are considered leading experts in the area of transaction agreement consulting. In addition to offices in Wilmslow, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool, we have a network of more than 34 offices across the country where we meet clients in relation to their transaction agreement.

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