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Teachers Pay Agreement Scotland

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A salary offer was agreed on the SNCT on May 30, 2019. For more details on the agreement, click here. “The campaign has been a considerable success and has now received an improved proposal that will increase teachers` salaries by at least 10% by April of this year compared to current scales. Our members supported this proposal by an overwhelming majority, so that TBEI will now decide to formally conclude an agreement. On 6 September 2018, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Local Authorities Convention (COSLA), which represents employers, submitted a wage offer to the NASUWT and other teachers` unions. The wage offer provides for the Scottish Government`s proposed wage agreement to provide for a 3% retro-anticipated wage increase from April 2018, a 7% pay rise in April 2019 and a final wage increase of 3% from April 2020. This corresponds to an overall increase of 13.5% over the three-year contract. “Teachers are continuing the SNCT negotiations in the hope of reaching a fair deal for Scottish teachers. Further discussions are planned on the SNCT after the spring break. On the teachers` side, it is clearly expected that the Scottish Government, which is involved in the negotiations, will be required to decide on the ongoing discussions and to play an active role in seeking agreement.

“I am prepared to increase the funds for the restructuring of salary brackets from 3% in January 2019 to 4% from April 2019. This would mean that teachers would see a pay increase of at least 10% between January 2018 and the following month, and 3% from April 2020, before an increase is taken into account. The additional costs that go beyond the previous offer – $32 million over three years to 2020/21, with only $3 million in 2018/19 and 2019/20 – will come from the existing education and skills budget. “The teachers` negotiators rejected this 2%/3% offer for Scottish teachers, as it falls well short of the 10% salary application tabled this year through the SNCT. The teachers` side also rejected any idea of a differentiated agreement that would allow teachers in certain classes to increase their salaries compared to their counterparts in other grades. The offer offered by employers does not meet the need to put education and attention on teachers by providing appropriate salaries for Scottish teachers. EIS union representative Des Morris, who is also chair of the SNCT teachers` side, said: “We are pleased that, after lengthy negotiations, a formal wage agreement has been reached on the SNCT.” This proposal, once formalised by the Scottish Teachers` Negotiation Committee (SNCT), will ensure a welcome period of stability for Scottish education. The proposed salaries, as well as the additional commitments contained in the proposal, will help attract new teachers and retain experienced teachers in our schools. “We also welcome the additional joint commitments made in the agreement to support teacher professional development and reduced workload by increasing teacher representation and strengthening school activity.” “In Scotland, there is a growing crisis in teacher recruitment and engagement, and lower pay rates are one of the key factors contributing to this problem.

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