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Can You Break A Buyer`s Agreement

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To satisfy your agent`s (realistic) concern to show houses and then buy a house with another agent, why not sign the first deal with a very short time frame – a weekend, say, or even a few weeks. Big decisions such as buying a home, signing a sales contract, or withdrawing from a store that simply isn`t right for you can be stressful, especially if it`s your first time in the home buying process. Partnering with an experienced real estate agent is the best way to make sure you have all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision. The duration of your buyer-broker contract refers to the duration of the contract. It is usually stipulated in the first paragraph of the contract, and you are bound for this period to the contractual conditions of the buyer-broker contract. Expect to find language on things like: reasons for notice, how termination should take place, how much compensation (if any) the agent receives, or how much notice must be given in advance. Layoff tends to get sticky (one of the reasons you should think twice before hiring a friend or family member). Make sure you not only know exactly what you are committing to in this section, but also know how to choose the right real estate agent to avoid this mess from the get-go. Duration: The validity period is the period during which your contract is active.

Many contracts last about 90 days, but as long as you and your agent agree, they can be as long or as short as you want.

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