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No Chargeback Agreement

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If you react to a retrobook, you must act as quickly as possible. There is a time limit at each step of the chargeback resolution process and a delayed action on your part can result in a loss of chargeback. Remember that you are already starting behind the performance curve, since you are the last party to participate in a retrobook to receive a notification that it has taken place. In most cases of retrobooks related to product problems, where the customer claims that the goods were not described, the following mandatory proofs will provide the best way to prove the invalidity of the dispute: on the other hand, the situation could rather be one where the customer did not contact you to cancel his subscription. In this case, you must provide documents to prove that the subscription has not been terminated and that you or your acquiring bank have not been informed that the subscription invoice has been terminated. This documentation usually contains one of the following compelling evidence to refute retrobooking: Cardholders should remember that owning a credit card is a privilege and not a right. Some responsibilities are related to this privilege; One of them is to understand what retrobooks are and when they can be used ethically and legally. While we advise you to react quickly to all cancellations, we don`t think you should fight tooth and nail against any return. Remember that refund rules are deliberately tilted in favor of consumers, and you`ll likely lose more than 80% of the time. If the circumstances of the retrobooking allow you to realize that you will probably not impose yourself, it is often better not to waste time and money to fight a fight certainly lost. Save your efforts for situations where you know you can impose yourself and have the evidence to prove your case.

Let`s be honest, no restaurateur likes to deal with retrobooks. A billing descriptor is simply the name of your business as it appears on a customer`s bank or credit card bill. Retrobooks can often be a matter of misunderstanding, especially when the consumer is unaware of the transaction details that appear on their billing. Be sure to let the consumer know which business name will appear on their return. If they can`t recognize your business name due to a DBA, the consumer can begin the refund process. You should analyze all the information you have to determine if there is a pattern behind your increased return rate. If you can successfully “connect” the points, you can identify practices and policies that need to be improved immediately….

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