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Pa Collective Agreement Grievance

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As such, the employer`s wage offer, which is based on the established model, would maintain this balance. The employer argues that the negotiator`s proposal raises a jurisdictional issue, given that the PSAC does not have the authority to represent these workers in collective bargaining or in the ongoing PIC proceedings. The employer therefore respectfully submits that this proposal does not have jurisdiction before this Commission. The 34 agreements recently negotiated with the CPA and the separate agency teams contain the employer`s proposed language above, in order to allow employees to take leave without pay so that they can benefit from the expanded care. The employer undertakes to make available to the PSAC – TBS JLP 330,000 dollars per month from the date of signature of the PA collective agreement until the signing of the next pa collective agreement, in order to ensure the continuity of this initiative. . .

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